PAUL JACOBS BAND (CAN) Garage Psych Punk Rock / Stolen Body Recs
Tickets - Mannheim, Kurzbar

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Dienstag, den
04. Dezember 2018
20:00 Uhr
ab 8,90 EUR
Werftstraße 25
68159 Mannheim
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PAUL JACOBS BAND (CAN) Garage Psych Punk Rock / Stolen Body Recs
PAUL JACOBS BAND (CAN) Garage Psych Punk Rock / Stolen Body Recs
Zuma Booking, die Kurzbar und Der Mannheim Kult präsentieren: Am Di.04.12.2018 Einlass ab 19.30 Uhr In der KURZBAR, Werftstr.25, 68159 Mannheim PAUL JACOBS BAND (CAN) Garage Psychedelic Punk Rock Paul Jacobs kommt aus einer kanadischen Kleinstadt in Ontario, und begann seine Karriere als Garage Trash Punk'n'Roll One -Man Band. Mittlerweile spielt er samt Band eine Tour in einer 4 Mann Formation. Ihr Musikstil ist Garage Psychedelic Punk Rock'n'Roll . In feinster kanadischer Manier sprich ganz im Stil eines Steve Adamyk oder der Isotopes Baseball Punk Rock Band. Eine sehens- und hörenswerte Mischung. Macht euch selbst ein Bild.. Nicht verpassen! ENG: Hailing from a small town in Ontario Canada, Paul Jacobs has come a long way since his original one man band days. His sound has since grown and evolved into a full forced, unhinged, in your face, emotional, roller coaster experience. Currently in the city of Montreal, with a full band backing him, its impossible to not become mesmerized by the manic energy of their live show, Paul captivates the audience while he becomes completely untamed, purging his inner emotions on stage, united with the audience. You don’t just watch his show, you become a part of it. It’s difficult to pin point his sound into one word, is it punk? Is it psych? Is it pop? Nobody can say for sure, but the distinct sounds of Paul Jacobs music holds a place of its own. His latest album Pictures, Movies & Apartments reflects just that. Conveying deep inner emotion and honesty, it undoubtedly grabs your attention and possesses it perpetually, a piece of work that the listener will inevitably connect with. -Meagan Callen Label: Stolen Body Records Artistweb: BandWeb: Clip1: Clip2: Clip3: Clip4: Clip5: Wann: Di.04.12.2018 EInlass: ab 19.30 Uhr Beginn: ca 20.00 Uhr Wo: KURZBAR Werftstr.25 68159 Mannheim cht euch sebst ein Bild
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